Protective Nets for Viticulture

Protective Nets for Viticulture

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Protective Nets for Viticulture

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Stapling aid

If the protective nets in viticulture are brought into the protective position before budding , the green shoots will grow into the wire frame by themselves. The tacking work, which normally represents a peak of work in viticulture, is almost completely unnecessary.

Such an effect could be determined in all the forms of training examined (flat-bottom, semi-arch and braided arch construction), whereby flat-bottom training seems best suited for the use of protective netting due to the uniform growth.

The results are excellent. The labor-intensive tacking work in the vines is reduced to a minimum, which is a huge relief.



In a research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology as part of the PRO INNO II program and the Committee for Technology and Viticulture (ATW), the State Viticulture Institute Freiburg (WBI) is investigating the effects of the Whailex protective net system on various grape varieties at numerous locations on the vines and on viticulture.

Some hail events were investigated. The Whailex protective net system offers considerable protection against hailstorms.
The figure shows the comparison between the wetted and non-wetted variants after the hailstorm on Lake Constance on May 26, 2009.

As you can see: Whailex safety nets in viticulture offer you excellent protection
against hail and reliably prevent hail damage to your valuable vines.


Bird food

The protective net offers a very effective protection against bird damage at low and medium infestation pressure. Investigations have shown that the Whailex protective net system is 

clearly superior to acoustic deterrent systems.
In addition, with the Whailex safety net system, no noise protection or distance requirements to residential areas have to be observed.


Wasp feed

Wasp feeding is also significantly reduced.
Both protective effects, bird and wasp protection, make it possible to harvest the grapes at the optimal quality time.
In an experiment by the WBI with staggered reading dates in a Riesling plant, it was impressively shown that the sensorially assessed wine quality increased significantly through a late reading date.

The bird feeding loss assessed at the same time shows that without the protection of the Whailex nets, the wines rated as very good could not be won - or only with high yield losses.


Protective position

The net technology, designed as a side covering, can be cranked up or down as often as required in seconds using a torsion-resistant and highly flexible hexagonal tube over a length of up to 100 m like a roller blind.



Compared to other protective net systems, the Whailex protective net system is visually less conspicuous and therefore integrates very well into the landscape.

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Protective Nets for Viticulture