Pellenc VINION 150 Pruning Shear

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Pellenc VINION 150 Pruning Shear
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Product details

Cutting Diameter
35 მმ.
680 გ.

About this product

The pruning revolution 

PELLENC has designed the most innovative vine pruning shear on the market. VINION is perfect for vine growers seeking lightness, ergonomics, ease of use and precision—a veritable high-tech revolution. The VINION pruning shear was designed to meet every expectation. It can be used with the light and compact 150 pocket battery, or the 250 battery, which makes it possible to connect two PELLENC tools at the same time for alternating work.


  • PELLENC-PRADINES cutting head.
  • High performance motor: 92%.
  • Precise management of the position of the blade.
  • A compact pruner, that is handy and suitable for all hand sizes.


  • The lightest pruning shears on the market: 680g.
  • A concentrate of energy for a day of pruning:
  • 845 g for the 150 battery,
  • 1,680 g for the 250 battery


  • The least expensive Professional pruner on the market.
  • Adapts to your pruning habits thanks to different cutting modes.


  • Optical trigger for natural control of the half-opening.
  • The blade can be removed without tools.
  • Alternate tools using the dual connector on the 250 battery.




Offers suited to your needs

  • VINION 150: 9h of autonomy
  • VINION 250: 15h of autonomy
  • VINION 250 + M12: 12h of autonomy


3 operating modes

  • PERFORMANCE: Progressive fast with half-opening
  • ECONOMICAL COMFORT: Progressive with half-opening
  • ALL OR NOTHING: Fast with half-opening



Pruning Shear  Vinion 150
Blade opening (mm) 57
Cutting Diameter (mm) 35
Weight of the shears (g) 680
Motor speed (rpm) 21000
Length (mm)  260
Ovalised handle dimensions (h x l) (mm) 41*36
Optical trigger  •
Standby mode  •
Blade change without tools  •
Motor cooling system  •
Compatible batteries 150/250


Batteries 150 250
Weight (g) 845 1680
Maximum power – (w) 865 1730
Average lifetime – (cycles) 800 1000
Carrying Belt Harness
Average autonomy Vinion 9 h 15 h
Average autonomy Vinion + M12 chainsaw - 12 h
Multi tools mode -  •
Management of usage modes  •
Full charge 9 h 5 h