C45-P200 - pole for C45

C45-P200 - pole for C45

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C45-P200 - pole for C45
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About this product

C45-P200 - pole for C45



Adapt the pole to your C45 pruning shears for precise work at height.


Quick and easy fitting of the pole on the pruning shears.
2 pole sizes available: 1m50 or 2m.
Suitable for right-handed or left-handed use.

An exceptional PELLENC cutting head - Choice of two blades with optimised geometry and penetration into the plant growth (+1cm front clearance), excellent cutting quality

Fabric cover to protect the tool during transport.

PELLENC motor control - Powerful and perfectly controlled cutting— even at very low speeds—for unrivalled precision.


  • ERGONOMIC - The position of the centre of gravity enhances ease of handling and comfort.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Robust, lightweight aluminium pole (1.6 kg or 1.83 kg depending on model).
  • ADAPTABLE - Compact C45 cutting head, for good visibility of work and good penetration of the tool into the tree.
  • PRODUCTIVE - Allows access to branches without the need for a ladder or platform.