Branch lopper Felco 211-40

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Felco 211-40
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Product details

Cutting Diameter
35 მმ.
725 გ.
Overall Length
40 სმ.
Blade Length
8 სმ.

About this product

The Felco 211-40 branch loppers offer a powerful solution for cutting branches. Because of its light-weight aluminium handles and robust design the Felco 211 can easily handle branches with a diameter up to 35 mm. These branch loppers are light-weight and ergonomically sound and for that reason perfect for work in orchards, vineyards or when you have large trees in your yard.

The knife is made from top-quality hardened steel. The aluminium handles with innovative ‘I’ profile take care of maximum resistance from physical strain. The handles are enhanced with an anti-slip coating. As a result they feel great in hand. The subtle rubber shock absorbers make the work extra pleasurable. The branch loppers also have a system to easily adjust the cutting head.

By adding a curve to the knives the branches won’t just shoot away when being cut. In addition, the knives have been designed as such that during the cutting movement the top and bottom knife only touch in one specific place. As a result there is no such thing as unnecessary resistance.