Lopper Weisshorn 260

Lopper Weisshorn 260

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Weisshorn 260
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Lopper Weisshorn 260


The Weisshorn 260 are lightweight, powerful loppers that can cut through branches up to 35mm /1.38 inches with ease. Thanks to a blade that combines a variable radius and a non-stick coating, these loppers make short work of demanding cutting and pruning jobs. The lightweight aluminium handles with contoured grips and rubber shock absorbers maximize comfort and minimize fatigue even during a long day of pruning. With key spare parts available, this is a tool you can maintain for many years to come.



  • Blade: Japanese SK5 carbon steel with black non-stick coating / laser engraved ALPEN logo
  • Counter blade : Forged carbon steel with sandblast finish
  • Handles: Aluminum handles with black powder coating / laser engraved ALPEN logo
  • Shock absorbers
  • Weight : 975 g
  • Length : 600 mm