Oak Barrels

Oak Barrels

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Oak Barrels

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Seguin Moreu

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We are convinced that every wine or spirit deserves a tailor-made solution; bringing out the full potential of each one, while respecting its unique character and the original expression of the grape.

By offering a wide choice of oak species, firing profiles and finishes, all winemakers can construct a barrel that reflects their product. Drawing on its technical expertise, our sales team helps winemakers with their choices, ensuring that the barrels chosen are a perfect match for the specified enological objective.

From machining staves to raising barrels, our master coopers then ensure that the tradition and correct techniques are observed throughout the manufacturing process. They are particularly attentive during the key firing stage, ensuring that customer requirements are fully met and that high quality and reproducible results are achieved.


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Oak Wood and SpeciesOak Wood and Species

Since every wine is unique, we select different types of oak whose features, in combination with firing, make a specific enological contribution. We make barrel shells from French, American, European or Caucasian oak, which is a distinguished and valuable raw material.  

A barrel made of French Haute Futaie oak, which is the result of 200 years of patience and specific forest management, supplies aromatic keenness and complex tannins to the world's greatest wines and spirits during ageing.

American oak, which has been used by winemakers in the USA for many years, supplies aromatic intensity, more moderate tannin content and greater volume in the mouth.
European and Caucasian oak brings out fresh aromas; it is an enological tool for structuring delicate, fruity wines.


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Influence of forest management method



Toasting was originally used to bend staves and give barrels their shape. But once its impact on the physico-chemical structure of wood had been researched and was better understood, toasting went beyond this purely mechanical purpose.

In the 1980s, SEGUIN MOREAU's R&D team demonstrated the modifications that occur in the oak at this stage: thermal degradation of wood macromolecules generates many volatile aromatic substances and causes extensive degradation of oak tannins.

At the time, this observation opened up a new technical horizon for the cooperage industry: together with the rest of the profession, SEGUIN MOREAU became aware of the major role of toasting on the barrel's organoleptic content. SEGUIN MOREAU started to distinguish between firing for bending and "organoleptic toasting", which it called "bousinage".

This process has been at the heart of the manufacturing process for over thirty years. Toasting at SEGUIN MOREAU has always been done on an open fire, showing the greatest respect for cooperage tradition.

By varying flame intensity and length of toasting, our researchers have defined a range of enological firings, governed by precise protocols, from which winemakers can choose.


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Models and FinishesModels and Finishes

Bordeaux-style barrels, Burgundian-style barrels and spirit barrels are models that symbolize the cooperage profession. They are often, and quite wrongly, the only models anyone knows about! We can in fact offer containers ranging from 28 to 600 Liters, depending on the oak species and grain.

Each container’s volume has a direct affect on the surface area available for interactions between the wood and its contents: it is therefore an important parameter to take into account when choosing a barrel for ageing. The volume can be adapted to the requirements of each wine or spirit.

From fitting galvanized or colored steel hoops, traditional chestnut hoops, heads fitted with a pine bar, to customization with laser marking,   SEGUIN MOREAU offers a wide range of customization options. This enables the aesthetic criteria of your winery to be respected, ensuring that your winery will be a beautiful showcase for your wine growing expertise.


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Latest Innovations

SEGUIN MOREAU invites you to discover the latest ‘100% ENOLOGICAL’ innovations resulting from our research


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Oak Barrels